News: 2NE1’s Missing You Topped Music Chart For Two Weeks In A Row


Look at ma girls ! They’re really daebakk

2NE1’s Missing You Topped Music Chart For Two Weeks In A Row – MV Reaches 6 Million Views


[TV리포트=김예나 기자] Group 2NE1’s new single “Missing You” has topped music chart for two weeks in a row.

According to 2NE1’s agency on the 2 this month, “Missing You” has topped the real-time chart and then the daily chart of iChart.

An insider of the agency says, “2NE1 appealed with a differentiated charm, different from the strong image and extreme fashion they pursued in the past. “Missing You” is a pop-R&B style music, whose sentimental lyrics and appealing vocal catch ears.

Not only the music itself but also the music video of “Missing You” is enjoying much popularity. As of the morning on the 2, the music video garnered more than 6.1 million views on YouTube.

The dreamy music video of…

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[PHOTOS + TRANSLATIONS] 131203 2NE1’s ‘Thank You’ Messages + Commemoration Photo for Winning #1 on Inkigayo


Ma girls really cute and so warm to their fans ^^

We Love Chaerin



To Blackjack~♥
It’s Dara who’s coming back as a singer who placed #1 with “Missing You”! Ranking is not important but we won #1 so I feel good~^.^ And to Blackjacks who always give us joy as if its their job… we’re really touched. If you try to think of it, these are all~ because of you and you achieved these all with us!!! Blackjacks and 2NE1 who becomes one in music!!! I love you!!! 

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News: 2NE1 Slays Music Charts Like the Bosses That They Are ~ “Missing You” FTW


The best girl group 🙂

LOLOL yeah so the titles are really different, but that’s what they meant to say anyway. /hairflips


Missed 2NE1? sweeps sound source charts for two days in a row


[OSEN=Lee Hye-rin] Girl group 2NE1’s sad sensitive new song ‘Missing You’ is dominating sound source chart for two days in a row.

On 21 midnight, 2NE1 dropped their new song and is topping on 9 sound source charts like Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Naver Music, Daum Music, Monkey3 and Genie for two days on 22th at morning.

Usually, the new song is not as powerful on the second day but 2NE1 is maintaing its top on all 9 charts forewarning their long run of power.

2NE1 released their third single ‘Missing You’ after ‘Falling in love’ and ‘Do you love me’ all released in this year. It is a winter song full of sensitivity featuring members outstanding harmony…

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