Our Goddess Sandara Park




Sandara Park – for me, she is an angel sent from heaven..

Not only have a beautiful face, gorgeous, cute and adorable.. But she also have a good heart, she’s kind and really friendly

She really love her family, her friends and the most important she really love her fans “Blackjacks & Daralings”..


This is the first time I met a gorgeous girl with a beautiful heart..

She never care about people who hate her.. Contumely, scorn, insults and humiliation from others always be used to improve her ability

Family, her member and fans who loved her is a strength for her..


Bommie said Dara never get mad and never lost her control

If Dara got it, it’s because the person has exceeded the limit..

How can there is a good girl like her ? Huff, she really has an angel’s heart :’)

That’s the reason why many people love her and always want to saw her in happiness..




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