Article: Dazed Digital – “2NE1’s Korean Journey”

Yuhuuu, 2NE1’s Korean Journey 😀


KPOP’s baddest and best girl group touch down to speak about I LOVE YOU and their fans


2NE1 do not play by the rules. Since debuting in 2009 they’ve become one of K-pop’s most recognisable and internationally celebrated groups. Despite being put together with the same lazer-eyed accuracy that marks K-Pop’s rigorous selection process, the word ‘manufactured’ feels misused when referring to Bom, Dara, Minzy and CL.

The notion of ‘girl power’ might be old school to the West but until 2NE1 stamped their studded heels down, female K-Pop acts felt more like candy coloured day trip for little girls or a skimpily clad, ajhussi pleasure fest. Experimental visuals sit alongside big, bold concepts that allow 2NE1 to demonstrate both strength and femininity, while in CL they have a leader both outspoken and encouraged to be, a rarity for the South Korean entertainment industry. Their first, and…

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