2NE1’s Park Bom & Minzy, ”Different Unique Personalities Shown With Their Fashion”

2NE1 always have their fashion taste 😀
Different but always stunning together


Girlgroup 2NE1’s Park Bom and Minzy show off their unique personality with their airport fashion.

On the 4th, 2NE1 members appeared on Heathrow International Airport in the UK as they took a flight from South-Korea for the ‘’KBEE 2013’’ event in which they we’re scheduled to perform and have a autograph session the following day.

Park Bom’s fashion was another eye-catcher, as she wore a black turtleneck mini dress showcasing her doll-like legs once again many are envious off. She finished the look with a long denim coat on top and a small orange bag. In particular the big hoops in her ear and her colourful nail art showcased her unique style.

Minzy wore dark blue jeans matched with black boots, a black top and a black and red coat on top. Her tote bag and her stylish sunglasses completed the whole look, her whole look is…

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