Video: Fancam of 2NE1 at WIN Final Show


I really like YG Family

2013.10.25 WIN FINAL -2NE1  

Credits: 21NOKIO

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Video: Jung Hyung Don Mentions Dara in Infinity Challenge Episode ~ To G-Dragon: “Give This Gift to Sandara Park”


Kekeke **

LOL this is cute and random! I didn’t know that Jung Hyung Don was that close to Dara that he thinks of her when picking up items to give as gifts, kekekeke! I didn’t see the rest of the episode, so I don’t have an idea what they were doing in the marketplace though. ^^

131012 Infinity Challenge – mention Dara

JHD: Give this to Sandara Park. It’s my gift

GD:*smiles quietly wipes his forehead*

Credits: tzentzen05 + @KwonAui88

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