Park Bom Gives a Hint about G-Dragon’s Type, “Jiyong Likes ‘Nappeun Gizibe’ Style”

Wahh, GBom couple is back LOL



Park Bom gave a tip regarding G-Dragon’s type.

G-Dragon held his  ‘2013 G-DRAGON WORLD TOUR : ONE OF A KIND final concert’ last September 1st in Bangi-dong Songpagu Olympic Park stadium in Seoul.

2NE1 appeared in the mid of the concert as surprise guest and stunned the audience with their hit songs “I am the Best” and “Do You Love Me”.

After finishing their song, Park Bom hinted that the next to take the stage is CL with her first solo single “Nappeun Gizibe” (The Baddest Female). Park Bom said, “Jiyong said that likes “Nappeun Gizibe” style. Is everyone here Nappeun Gizibe too?, leaving the fans in laughter.

Source: Newsen via Nate

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