Fan-Account: Adorable Dara Picks CL Up at the Airport


Dara really a kind unnie.. I need more ChaeRa moment :’)

Today, CL arrived at Incheon International Airport from New York. Guess who picked her up? None other than Dara!!!

Dara, herself, drove to the airport and picked CL up in her white range rover. How sweet can she be? According to Korean Blackjacks, CL had a huge smile on her face and when she was going to get in the car, she said, “Yeahhhhhhhh!” CL was really happy and excited that Dara was the one who picked her up at the airport. 

Our Dara is just so nice! I mean, did any other idol do this for their group member and friend? I honestly can’t recall of any other instance. That’s what I truly love about Dara, she’s so shy and awkward at first but once she becomes your friend, she will go over and above any idol image just to show her loyalty towards her friendship. Wow!


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Video of 2NE1 on Kansai TV’s Mujack


Still alive 🙂


2NE1 got their tarot cards read, CL asked “Who would get married first?

Result: The 1st person to get married will marry in 2020.  They said the person spends a lot of money, and CL replied “That’s everyone” (Every member spends a lot of money).

2NE1’s ideal types CL-A happy person Minzy-A tall person Dara-A tall, cute person who is good at playing guitar BOM-A person who would only love me.

Video Source: @tonyaaa1217ton
Translation Credit: @DaraDarasuru_21

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2NE1’s Audio Message to Blackjack Indonesia


Wohooo, congrats Indonesian Blackjacks..



Trinity & YG Ent.’s (@trinity_yg):  ”2NE1’s Audio Message to Blackjack Indonesia” — in English

Trinity Optima Productions is a music company that recently established an official collaboration with YG Entertainment to promote YG artists in Indonesia. They have a blog that translates SNS updates as well as an official twitter account.

Source: Trinity X YGE Official Twitter & Soundcloud
Special thanks to @PLANET2NE1 for sending us the link & information  via YGLadies

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