PR Director Dara’s Report – “Double Park TV Episode 1 Behind Story”

Ssang Park TV



Hello, Naver Starcast people! It’s 2NE1’s PR director, Dara. So, with the support you’ve given during the previous 2NE1 comeback report ~ We met again like this through Double Park TV’s behind story *clap clap clap*! The talk of the town these days^.^;;; Double Park TV!!! Are there people who doesn’t know what Double Park TV is? Then, i have to let you know right! <Double Park TV> is 2NE1’s special promotion team, Double Park(Park Bom ,Park Sandara), this led to 2NE1’s internet broadcast. It’s a fun, fresh and delightful broadcast which you can watch on Naver TV cast and Youtube. Few days ago, the first episode has been released, to those who have seen it, how was it? I feel so great because of those who sent their support messages saying it was fun. In the future, I will reveal all the behind stories which weren’t revealed onDouble Park TV…

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