Interview: Is 2NE1 not Supposed to be Pretty?

My 2NE1 always be the best 😀

“Is 2NE1 not supposed to be pretty?” (Interview)


[TV Report=Kim Ye-na] They suddenly changed. There are no more unique, fierce, or sometimes peculiar girls anymore. They became sweet, fresh, and lovely. They even became pretty. There was a reason for the change of the five-year-old girl group.

2NE1 came back with their official album in two years. They are releasing a new track every month to present various performances. They expanded their area of activity. They used to appear on certain music programs. Now, they are showing up in variety shows.

“Many people consider that 2NE1 has a strong image. We did not intend to be feminine. We sought change just for our song. We always changed according to our music. We think that ‘I am the Best’ had the strongest image, but it was just an image. We were not like that actually.”

◆ Four different persons have the…

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