Article: M Wave’s Star of the Week – “Why the Dara-Dung Siblings Are Simply the Cutest”

Park Sibling the cutest sibling in the world \=D/

When we think of famous siblings in the K-Pop industry, the first pair that comes to mind is Cheongdung and 2NE1’s Sandara Park, aka the Dara-Dung siblings.


While most people would bicker and fight with their siblings (speaking from personal experience as well), Cheong Dung and Sandara Park are probably one of the closest siblings that we’ve ever seen. In life.

Despite their busy lives and schedules, Sandara Park and Cheondung are always shown on and off screen, just simply taking care of each other without worrying about what others say.

We need to get tips from the Park parents for our future children.

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