”SBS Inkigayo”, 2NE1 The Coolest Girlgroup Shows Their Sexy Charisma

Only 2NE1 can be this 😀


Girlgroup 2NE1 (Park Bom, Sandara Park, Minji, CL) catches eyes of fans with their cool and sexy stage on ‘’SBS Inkigayo’’.

On the 18th, 2NE1 performed their recently released single ‘’DO YOU LOVE ME’’ which impressed many again as they showed a powerfull stage.

Dressed in colorful patterned outfits, 2NE1 shows their ‘’fashionista’’ side once again attracting attention. In particular, the addictive melody of their new song  and their fierce yet cute full choreography for the song received lots of cheers from fans. Their previous song ‘’Falling In Love’’ gave a feminine feel which audience loved and it seems they’re experimenting with the concept for a while.

‘’DO YOU LOVE ME’’ is a hit produced by YG’s main producer Teddy along with DEE.P and Lydia. It’s about a woman in love with a fluttering heart, looking deep into a…

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