130804 Ssang Park’s Line Audio with Kang Seung Yoon

YG Family always have cute moment 😀


KSY: Hello. Hello, I’m Kang Seung Yoon.
DARA/BOM: Whoo whoo~
KSY: Double Park TV… Double Park TV… we’re riding Sandara Taxi…
BOM: If this is Sandara Taxi, Park Bom is getting off!!
DARA: Double Park Taxi!
KSY: Oh, Double Park Taxi. Sorry.


BOM: Please advertise for us..
KSY: Yes, of course. Double Park TV is…very…
BOM: 2NE1?
KSY: 2NE1…
BOM: (I feel like) I’m making him say this.
KSY: You’re probably already doing it but please show lots of love for 2NE1’s Falling in Love…
DARA/BOM: Wait, that’s over! It’s Do You Love Me!

KSY: Do You Love Me is coming out.. soon so…
BOM: It’s coming out tomorrow.
KSY: Oh, really?
DARA: Oh? No. It’s out on the 7th!
BOM: But tomorrow.. the video, sajangnim said the music video is coming out tomorrow.
DARA: What? Omo omo omo? Really?
BOM: WAIT, I’m not sure!!!
DARA: We don’t even…

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