”SsangPark” Unleashes Episode One of ”SsangPark TV”. ”Rebirth of 4-D & 8-D Comic Duo”

Ssang park so cute 😀


2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom reveal their 4-D and 8-D charms once again through ‘’SsangPark TV’’.

On the 13th, ‘’DoublePark’’ unveiled ‘’SsangPark TV’’ suprising many as there was no notification given. The two members formed a PR team with no budget at all thus they sold 21 limited edition ‘’SsangPark’’ TV socks, as seen in the first episode.

From 2NE1’s debut, Park Bom and Dara showed a 8-D and 4-D ‘’alien’’ personality through 2NE1tv, with their unique behavior and language which received lots of attention and love. With ‘’SsangPark TV’’, we get to see their weird charms once again, as well as their youthful charms as they entertain fans with their random and weird talks.

In the first part, Dara reveals how ‘’DOUBLEPARK’’ are rivals of ‘’FROM YG’’,Yang Hyun Suk’s personal blog bringing laughs to fans. They also…

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