Line: Ssancoustic Dara Gives an Impressive Rendition to “Lonely” as she Accompanies CL-Roo

Chaera is back ohh nooo 😀

OMG you guys! This is it! Didn’t we want a longer audio of Dara playing the guitar? And now here’s Ssancoustic! Seems that Dara went to CL-roo’s room to play the guitar and then CL decided to sing along with her! ❤ OMG DaRin! ❤ But wahhh you guys! Lonely! Dara is playing the guitar to Lonely! It’s quite a hard song to play because of the chords. It’s in E major, so basically the family of E would give a lot of sharps and sharp-minors, but Dara pulled it off! ❤ So so so proud of our baby girl! Our Hongdae goddessssss! ❤

130815 LINE CL – Lonely (Accompaniment by Dara)

BRsLlQUCEAAkP27.jpg large


Youtube: 채 톡

Source: 2NE1 Line

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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