Instagram/Feature: Dara in Daniel Vi Le Headdress Featured in Hunger Games Promotional Instagram

Oh My Dara 😀

Oh wow, this is kinda awesome! And yay, they picked my fave pic of Dara’s from their shoot for Fault magazinelast year! ❀ Dangggg my baby girl looks all sorts of perfect! This is from thehungergames Instagram! 


They reblogged it from capitolcouture Instagram. It says in their description: “ is a Capitol Sanctioned Source for Fashion & Culture ” I think this is part of the promotional tactics for the next Hunger Games movie! I am not sure whether this is official or not, but it is still VERY AWESOME! ❀


Look for Capitol fashion scene newcomer Daniel Vi Le’s spiked berets, crown of horns and eye patches in the Capitol come fall. Learn why he dreams of designing for #District7 tribute #JohannaMason – #OhSoCapitol #CapitolDesigner

All the girls of 2NE1 were featured in Capitol Couture’s website, where the designer of the girls’ headdresses, Daniel Vi Le was featured!


A newcomer to

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