News: “Music Bank” 2NE1 Brings Different COlored Mics

Add y2NE1 always have different concept in their perform 😀 My girls are daebakk (y)our thoughts here… (optional)

‘Music Bank’ 2NE1 Brings Different Colored Mics


[OSEN= Park Hyun Min] 2NE1 dominated the stage with their unique items along with their outfit.

In KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ aired on 9th, 2NE1 sang ‘Do You Love Me‘ released on 7th. On stage, 2NE1 exuded special charm of their own wearing uniquely designed outfit.

Even the mikes were used as props. CL had yellow mike, Minzy had blue, Dara had red, and Bom had green, grabbing attention of the viewers.

2NE1 overwhelmed the audience with their charisma by performing powerful choreography from the start to the end. They staged different performances with some cuteness added in the middle.

2NE1 has already grabbed attention earlier by emphasizing their friendly image in the music video of ‘Do You Love Me.’

2NE1 has been striving to present high quality music videos and they invested a lot for the direction of…

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