News: Inkigayo 2NE1, Today Let’s Go with Cuteness

2NE1 always have different concept in their perform 😀 My girls are daebakk (y)

Inkigayo 2NE1, Today Let’s Go with Cuteness


[OSEN= Lim Young Jin] 2NE1 was exuded their cute charm on stage.

In the SBS ‘Inkigayo’ aired on 11th, 2NE1 sang ‘Do You Love Me.’ 2NE1 emphasized cute side of them wich drew attention of the viewers.

CL was lovely with pink polka dot outfit. Dara had her hands under her face making cute face. Bom and Minzy always made fun faces on stage.

Do You Love Me‘ is a song with exciting beat blended well together with member’s voice. YG Entertainment‘s main producer TEDDY wrote and composed the song.

Currently 2NE1 is being active with their career with the song ‘Do You Love Me.’ Especially, they are confirming their reputation of a charismatic performance group by staging live with great singing ability.

Moreover, video with MR erased was uploaded online and 2NE1 got a lot…

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