News: 2NE1 in ‘M!Countdown’ Showing Exceptional Performance on Stage

2NE1 always have different concept in their perform 😀 My girls are daebakk (y)

2NE1 in ‘M!Countdown’ showing exceptional performance on stage


[OSEN=Lim Young-jin] 2NE1 who tried to change their image as girl next door returned on stage with unrivaled charisma.

On 8th 2NE1 appeared on ‘M!Countdown’ and sang ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ passionately, the song released on 7th. This day, their appearance was special from the start. They wore unconventional costume made out of scarves showing off their unique charm.

As soon as the song started 2NE1 led the stage with powerful choreography. In parts in the group dance, there was also adorable dance adding the over the top performance.

At 10AM 2NE1 returned with a new friendly image via their MV ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ grabbing everyone’s attention. After few hours they made their presence with exceptional performance on stage.

2NE1 always tried to make luxurious high quality MV putting billions of money in. However, this time ‘

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