2NE1’s MR Becomes A Hot Topic, ”The Best Talented GirlGroup w/ Stable Vocals”

2NE1 always be Queen in Blackjack’s heart 😀


2NE1’s MR (music removed) of their recent live performance video is gaining lots of attention with explosive reactions.

Published recently on an online community bulletin board, 2NE1’s ‘’Do You Love Me’’ MR removed video is attracting lots of attention as many are impressed by their stable vocals while dancing along to the song.

2NE1 showed off an intense fun choreography with full energy from start to finish with unwavering vocals surprising many even though this is not the first time 2NE1 did so.

MR removed means that the background music is removed so that we can only hear the live vocals. Idol groups often do sing live but a lot have trouble to stay stable with the choreography they have to perform along or some even lip sync. It’s pretty ‘’humiliating’’ as a MR removed version of a particular groups live performance gets released…

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