Article: [MV HOTSPOT] 2NE1 Definitely Know How to Play

Jjang Jjang Jjang 😀

[MV HOTSPOT] 2NE1 definitely knows how to play


[OSEN=Lim Young-jin] 2NE1 ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’ music video explodes with excite.

On 8th at 10 AM 2NE1 ‘DO YOU LOVE ME’music video was released on official youtube channels and homepage. 2NE1’s management company YG Entertainment representative Yang Hyun-suk lent his summer house in Jeju Island. Here 2NE1 filmed themselves having a pillow fight and comic dancing. Also in the MV they had a luxury pool party and they were enjoying themselves.

First in indoors shoot, 2NE1 had a pillow fight full of cotton. Eventually the pillows broke shedding cottons all over. They also hang a balloon around their neck and went into a bath tub looking whimsy. Dara Park even clings to a window ledge and acts as if she is riding a bike.

In a pool party scene, entertainer Noh Hong-chul appears. He shows off his trade mark…

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