Starcast: 2NE1’s History Of Concept Changes, ”Outstanding From The Beginning” Part 1 ”Performances”.

2NE1 my dearest girl group 🙂 part 1


2NE1 is the ‘’it’’ icon that shocks everyone with their unique concept. With their motto ‘’I Am The Best’’, not single time their style is ordinary from music releases, concept teasers to performances. Going overboard with a concept? That’s totally fine for 2NE1, they always turn such concepts into their own style they introduce to us proudly and confidently.
When it comes to music, 2NE1 has tried a variety of genres, not one genre has gone wrong with this group. Their debut song in 2009 was ‘’Fire’’ which was a mix of electronic genre and a bit of indian mixed which the public loved a lot. In 2010 they released an unique song ‘’Try To Follow Me’’ which was very new to the public, and in 2012, they tried the genre ‘’trot’’ with ‘’I Love You’’ which was a huge…

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