Feature: 1st Look Celeb Choice – Kpop Airport Fashion (Dara at Number 5, Thunder at Number 1)


Park Sibling again 😀

Kpop Stars Airport Fashion

Hallyu wave is steadily increasing nowadays, and in fact, more and more K-Pop acts’ visits to other countries is increasing as well. Who are the winners of airport fashion that reminds us of walking the runway?




Airport fashion featuring colorful girl group idols make headlines in the media everyday! When they go for foreign schedules, these girls pull out the stops and their primary weapons are their flawless legs and their inherent fashion sense that make hot summer sizzle with their cool fashion style. Airport fashion terminator 2NE1 Sandara Park’s choice? Just big bags and colorful sneakers! She completes her own fashion statement by pairing up her simple black-and-white look with a unique knapsack and lemon yellow sneakers. 

1 Yuri

2 Sooyeon

3 Taeyeon

4 Hyuna

5 Black beanie paired with black Chrome Hearts shirt and a backpack slung over one shoulder…

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Starcast: 2NE1’s History Of Concept Changes, ”Outstanding From The Beginning” Part 2 ”Fashion”.


2NE1 my dearest girl group 🙂 part 2


Lets talk about their fashion next!

They we’re different from the very beginning, they we’re ‘’fashion leaders’’ already. 2NE1 drew lots of public attention with  ‘’Lollipop’’ a song which was used for a commercial along with labelmates ‘’Big Bang’’. In March 2009, before their debut, they made an appearance for this, and most noticeable was their ‘’style’’. CL’s swimsuit, and Dara’s shocking hairstyles looked fresh and even today it’s kind of a ‘’shocking’’ style, no?

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Starcast: 2NE1’s History Of Concept Changes, ”Outstanding From The Beginning” Part 1 ”Performances”.


2NE1 my dearest girl group 🙂 part 1


2NE1 is the ‘’it’’ icon that shocks everyone with their unique concept. With their motto ‘’I Am The Best’’, not single time their style is ordinary from music releases, concept teasers to performances. Going overboard with a concept? That’s totally fine for 2NE1, they always turn such concepts into their own style they introduce to us proudly and confidently.
When it comes to music, 2NE1 has tried a variety of genres, not one genre has gone wrong with this group. Their debut song in 2009 was ‘’Fire’’ which was a mix of electronic genre and a bit of indian mixed which the public loved a lot. In 2010 they released an unique song ‘’Try To Follow Me’’ which was very new to the public, and in 2012, they tried the genre ‘’trot’’ with ‘’I Love You’’ which was a huge…

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